Kurt Kaiser Programs

Here is an opportunity for your choirs and church musicians to share a weekend of musical experiences. An important key to musically stretching your church musicians is to show them how to improve their skills, and achieve higher levels of performance. With Kurt Kaiser's years of experience as a record producer, choral conductor, composer, arranger, and keyboard artist, he has a wealth of experience to share with you and your musicians. A weekend experience, including personal time with a musician the caliber of Kurt, will be invaluable and unforgettable. Every member will share in the excitement... instrumentalists and vocalists alike.

We offer three different presentation packages. Each presentation delivers the finest of Kurt Kaiser. Because of a busy personal appearance schedule, please contact our office for date availability and details.

Package #1
(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
A suggested format might be as follows:

Friday PM-- Choir dinner followed by two hour rehearsal with choir and musicians using specific arrangements decided prior to Kurt's arrival.

Saturday AM-- Two hour rehearsal with choir and musicians.

Saturday afternoon-- Two hours designated to offer evaluation, critiquing, suggestions for church soloists, and accompanists.

Sunday AM-- Perhaps one choir selection in the morning service, and one piano solo.

Sunday PM-- Concert combining the choir's newly-learned music with Kurt Kaiser at the piano to last an hour to one hour and twenty minutes.

Package #2 (Saturday, Sunday)
The format may be as follows:

Saturday PM-- Two hour rehearsal

Sunday AM-- One choir selection, one piano solo

Sunday PM-- Combined concert with choir and Kurt Kaiser at the piano

Package #3 (Sunday)

Sunday PM-- Kurt Kaiser at the piano


Kurt Kaiser's scheduling is handled exclusively by Adoration, Inc. For further information, please contact the Adoration offices at the address/ telephone shown below, or simply click on "feedback" and request information.

ADORATION, Incorporated
4901 College Blvd. Suite 107
Leewood, Ks. 66211